Listed below are resources to support your studies in Ecology.

  1. Scholastic Study Jams: Parts of a Flower, Roots and Stems, GymnospermsAngiospermsMosses and FernsKingdoms of Life
  2. Flower dissection
  3. Life Cycle of a Bean Plant article with diagrams.  Check out the additional videos at the bottom for connections to unit
  4. Bitesize Photosynthesis and Respiration in plants text resource, Simplified Photosynthesis text from Bitesize, Photosynthesis diagrams explained, How does photosynthesis compare on land vs the sea?  Link for additional photosynthesis videos
  5. Photosynthesis from the Fuse School.  An excellent silent video cartoon comparing photosynthesis and respiration
  6. Online plant mystery game, Leaf Identification source
  7. Transpiration video for notes and an excellent one showing inside a tree
  8. Tropisms also found here
  9. Populations explained, Food Chains simplified,   Food Chain game, Food Chain KS3, Food Chain practice test, Food Web game, Food Web practice
  10. Biomes and plant adaptations and Biomes of the World
  11. Link for different biomes and ecology videos,
  12. Carbon Cycle video and text support, Windows to the Universe: carbon cycle
  13. Windows to the Universe:  Nitrogen Cycle
  14. Resource page from our “textbook”.  Includes links to other items in ecology.