Resources galore are in store.

  1. Interested in pet dogs?  Wonder how breeders select certain traits?  Go to this website to breed border collies.  Dog Breeding
  2. Mitosis and Meiosis website.  Step by step and side by side comparison of these two cell division methods.
  3. Want an one stop location for anything you could wonder about genetics?  Try this website
  4. Study jam on Heredity
  5. Brain Pop is a great source of information as well.  After you login with the school account, google “genetics” to get a wide variety of brain pop videos to support your understanding.
  6. What are traits?
  7. What is inheritance?
  8. Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction website for research
  9. Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction article for T-Chart analysis
  10. Link for Genes Chromosomes and DNA notes
  11. These are the videos we used in class:  Dominant vs. Recessive, Genotype vs. Phenotype, Homozygous vs. Heterozygous
  12. Link for article Dominant Isn’t Always Common
  13. Having trouble understanding Punnett Squares?  Try this interactive website
  14. Want another look at Punnett Squares?  Try this video that explains all of the basics.
  15. PBS has a nice resource to support understanding Punnett Squares
  16. But what about a game Ms. Boylan?  OK.  For all you hoops fans, here is a game to practice everything punnett squares.