Layers of the Earth

What is under your feet?  Layers of matter.  You may need to watch videos more than once to understand.

  1. Layers of the Earth song, Layers of the Earth rap, video explaining Earth’s Layers
  2. Learn all about Earth-it’s layers, rocks, and so much more
  3. How do we know what’s inside the Earth-explore here to find out
  4. Why does the Earth have layers? video answers this question
  5. Review of Earth Layers, Activity to review Layers of Earth, Playlist of all things about Earth Layers
  6. Earthquakes and Volcanoes Webquest
    1. What are the parts of an Earthquake and how does it travel through earth?
    2. How do Tsunamis form?
    3. Tsunami warning website
    4. Earthquake lithosphere connection
    5. Earthquakes on our planet
    6. Volcanoes resource page
    7. Can we predict volcanic eruptions?
    8. Volcanic eruption reports
    9. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Glaciers