Light and Sight

Building off of our study of Heat, light is a form of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  1. Mr. Parr Light, StudyJams Lightlight and matter text
  2. Is the speed of light always the same?
  3. Light Darkness and Colors, PHeT light and color
  4. StudyJams: Reflection and Refraction, Angles of Light challenge,
  5. Parts and Structures of the Eye, StudyJams: How do We See? , Cow Eye virtual dissection,
  6. Mirrors and Lenses text
  7. Electromagnetic Radiation text, Mr. Parr Electromagnetic SpectrumElectromagnetic Spectrum video explaining the spectrum, Eureka! Electromagnetic Spectrum
  8. Review properties of light game, Math and Light challenge, Light game, Light Review Resources and Enrichment, Pirate EM Spectrum review game, Rags To Riches EM Spectrum edition
  9. Video Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  10. For a student who wants to explore the particle-wave nature of light see this video