Below is a collection of links to support your learning in and out of class.


  1. Study Jams:  Earth’s Atmosphere
  2. Earth’s atmosphere layers explained with cartoon video.
  3. Earth’s atmosphere layers research site from National Center for Science Education
  4. Watch a weather balloon launch here
  5. Foldable support:  What is in each layer of the atmosphere?


  1. Study Jams: Water Cycle
  2. Window to the Universe home page for all things atmosphere and weather
  3. How is energy transferred within to Earth and within the atmosphere?  This diagram answers this question.
  4. How are clouds formed?  Amazing video with CGI enhancements.
  5. Study Jams: Clouds and Precipitation
  6. What are the different types of clouds?  Question answered in a video.
  7. Cloud Notes Resource
  8. Clouds memory game


  1. Study Jams: Air Pressure and Wind
  2. Study Jams: Air Masses and Fronts
  3. Study Jams: Weather Instruments
  4. Study Jams: Climate and Weather
  5. Weather symbols for maps here
  6. Study Jams: Severe Storms
  7. Make your own tornado tube here
  8. Think forecasting hurricanes is easy?  Check out this interactive site to determine the factors that affect the track of a hurricane.
  9. Hurricane Irma making landfall in British Virgin Islands as reported by CNN.  Not responsible for advertisements CNN places on its website.
  10. Why does air pressure change with altitude?  This website gives some very detailed explanations for this question.
  11. How does temperature work?
  12. How does pressure create wind?
  13. Thunderstorm basics.  Includes links for all major storms.
  14. Station Model.  Type in the weather conditions to see how to draw the symbol on a weather map or record info for a station.


  1. Local wind speed and direction affected by topography
  2. Bill Nye clip on wind
  3. Coriolis Effect explained using dry ice and other demos in this video
  4. Coriolis Effect explained by NOVA
  5. Study Jam on Wind and Air Pressure
  6. Want to dig deeper into global winds?  This youtube video does just that. (Not responsible for youtube commercials.)


  1. What is Air Pollution and why is it important??
  2. How do wild fires affect air quality?
  3. NOVA Monitoring Air Quality