Moving Molecules

We’ve learned that all”things” are made of matter.  This unit digs deeper into what is happening with those molecules.

  1. PHeT States of Matter interactive, CK12 text, NEO K12 states of matter resource list
  2. Mr. Parr 4 States of Matter song
  3. Characteristics for States of Matter, Bitesize Particles and States of Matter interactive,  Bitesize States of Matter interactive, Virtual Lab Changing States of Matter, Chem4Kids matter resources, what is glass?
  4. Eureka! videos: SolidsMolecules in Liquids,  Evaporation and CondensationExpansion and Contraction
  5. Good State of Matter recap
  6. Scholastic Study Jam on State of Matter
  7. Brain Pop States of Matter
  8. Heat Notes Jing Style with Ms. Boylan
  9. Heat Transfer interactive presentation
  10. Heat Transfer and Molecular Motion
  11. Eureka! videos:  Temperature vs. HeatConductionConvection, Radiation Waves
  12. StudyJams HeatConductors or Insulators interactive, Electrical Conductors,
  13. Recap of heat including talk about car engines,
  14. Online simulation showing what happens as you add heat you air and water.  Scroll to the 2 jars with thermometers and select the simulation for your computer type.