What is Matter?

Matter is anything that has mass and volume (takes up space).  Matter is identified by its properties.  Use resources below to support your learning.

  1. Online textbook for Matter Unit, this section focuses on types of matter including mixtures, and this one on atoms
  2. Chem4kids resource page on Matter
  3. Fuse school short video clarifying what is an atom.
  4. TED.com  Just how small is an atom?
  5. Mr. Parr Classifying matter song
  6. Bitesize Mixtures and compounds text, Bitesize Compounds and Mixtures interactive
  7. Hunting the Elements from UNC-TV website; interactive periodic table
  8. Press release document for missing element
  9. Properties of water
  10. Online simulation for liquid density column  Scroll to the beaker with balloons in it.  Select your computer type to run the simulation.
  11. PHeT Density demonstration-interactive website; practice density problems
  12. PHeT Solubility demonstration-interactive website, Bitesize solubility interactive, more advanced virtual lab on solubility
  13. PHeT Atoms demonstration-interactive website.
  14. PHeT Build a Molecule demonstration-interactive website